Dr. Sophie L. Teuschl



Person-centered psychotherapy

  • Talk therapy in individual sessions
  • Adults
  • Teenagers (13 – 17 yrs.)
  • Counselling for parents

Specialisations   (in alphabetical order)

  • ADHD (Attention deficit-/ Hyperactivity disorder)

  • Psychotherapeutic treatment and counselling

    • for people affected and their relatives
    • in addition to (or without) pharmacological treatment
    • (Additional) psychotherapeutic diagnostic assessment

    General symptoms:

    • being hyperactive and/or a dreamer
    • having attention deficits and concentration difficulties, except for favourite hobbies and topics
    • learning problems
    • suffering from sleeping problems (e.g. staying up late, “a thousand” thoughts, as soon as the light is turned off, hard to wake up in the morning)

  • Psycho-Cardiology   ♡

  • Psychotherapeutic treatment and counselling

    • for heart patients and/or their relatives

    • when experiencing heart symptoms that are related to stress or when taking things to heart or experiencing slights and offenses, e.g. palpitations (that feel like your heart is pounding or beating too fast), “heat” or “burning” sensations in the regions of heart and head, anxiety, tightness in your chest
    • in case of stress cardiomyopathy, also known as Tako Tsubo or “Broken Heart Syndrome”

    • when having heart troubles, despite no medical appreciable disease
      (MUPS - Medically unexplained physical symptoms)
    • in addition to medical heart treatment, when preparing for surgery or when in recovery

  • Psychosomatic disorders

  • These include psycho-vegetative symptoms such as:

    • nervousness
    • tiredness or exhaustion
    • poor appetite or hunger attack
    • heartburn
    • irritable bowel or spasmodic abdominal pain
    • headaches caused by muscular tension
    • paraesthesia, e.g. numbness, tingle, trembling

  • Sleeping disorders

  • Stress management

  • Other topics   (in alphabetical order)

  • Anxiety / Panic attacks

  • Burn-out

  • Damage caused by shock after (car-)accidents

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Mobbing

  • Personality development

  • (Post-)Menopause

  • Self-experience (Preparatory course)

  • Counselling for parents

    The birth or adoption of a child is life-changing in many ways.
    Sometimes, being a parent also can be (unexpectedly) distressing. You don’t have to feel bad for it.

    Counselling or psychotherapy may be helpful, if

    • you are expecting a child and want to mentally prepare for it
    • you are having difficulties to get used to the new family-situation
    • you, as a new mother, suffer from “baby blues” (minor depression) or post-partum depression (PPD) (after giving birth)
    • you have a “cry-baby”
    • your child suffers from an autism spectrum disorder or from Asperger’s syndrome
    • you feel distressed
    • you are experiencing anxieties and concerns

    I support you to regain your self-confidence.


    Scope of counselling: 3 – 5 sessions (more session possible when required)

    Psychotherapy for teenagers

    As a teenager, one often “does not feel good”. Almost everything is annoying. Puberty, as new “level” in life, turns the world “upside down”.

    Do you think, talking about most secret fears, thoughts and other embarrassments seems like something, one would avoid doing?

    It is totally different!
    One should always talk about what’s on their mind.
    Try it out. Talking about “things” is releasing as it will take “the load off your shoulders”.

    Topics we can talk about, if you want:

    • Shyness
      (because it is always there, when it shouldn’t be?!)
    • Difficulties to concentrate
      (because you constantly come up with new ideas, which easily keep you distracted?!)
    • Fears of all kinds (e.g. the fear of losing someone or something or the fear of the dark)
    • Self-doubt & unhappiness
    • How you can become more self-confident
    • Difficulties with falling asleep or sleeping through the night
    • Sadness
    • Emotions, that don’t have a name yet
    • Troubles at school (learning difficulties, problems with teachers and schoolmates)
    • Things, nobody must know, but you want to get rid of
    • When it seems like, as if nobody really understands you anymore

    Also, maybe you just want to talk about “anything and everything” … your favourite tv series and movies, books, hobbies and so on. This can also be part of the therapy!

    As a psychotherapist, I can give you psychological support.

    In therapy you have a safe space to share details privately and everything you do share with me, will remain a secret!

    Requirements for your psychotherapy are

    1. your parents’ consent and,
    2. that they pay the therapy sessions for you.

    Do you still feel like you want to “sink into the earth out of shame”, rather than talk about “what shall not be named”?

    Don’t worry, take your time, YOU decide, when to talk about what.