Dr. Sophie L. Teuschl


Psychotherapy helps ...

Do you feel like, it “all becomes too much” to handle?

Has it been too long since you last felt success?

Do you feel stressed?

If your answer is

“Yes”    “Maybe”   “A little bit”

➤  Then, psychotherapy will help you!

Recognise emotional strain

“Warning signals” sometimes are just subliminal, sometimes clearly noticeable.

Psychological stress can appear as, e.g.

  • concentration problems
  • general weakness and depression
  • “unusual” emotional reactions,
    e.g. “crying easily” or “reacting irritated too quickly and without any reason”
  • self-doubt
  • sleeping problems
  • mental exhaustion
  • social withdrawal
  • psychosomatic complaints, e.g. heartburn or abdominal cramps

Causes for emotional stress

  • overload
  • pressure to perform and succeed
  • little leisure time, little relaxation
  • recent changes in life
  • physical & emotional problems
  • slights and offenses
  • unhappiness
  • because you “always only” take care of the needs of others and ignore your own needs

Any kind of suffering, no matter how “small”, must be taken seriously!

It is nothing to be embarrassed about!

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