Dr. Sophie L. Teuschl


Advantages of private financing

In Austria psychotherapy is an independent, free scientific health profession and is protected by the psychotherapy law.
Psychotherapeutic treatment is a private health service.

  • No waiting time for your treatment!
  • the scope of your therapy will not be limited by your health insurance company
  • No information about “therapy-use”, causes, personal details and diagnoses will be shared with your insurance company
  • enhanced safeguarding of confidentiality & improved protection of your personal details

Partial reimbursement

Maximum amounts reimbursed

Currently, the amount of the contribution to the costs per session is:

  • at all GKK – max. 28 €
  • SVA and KFA – max. 28 €
  • BVA – max. 40 €
  • SVB – max. 50 €
  • BKK – max. 28 €

Please note: The reimbursement of therapy expenses is limited to a certain amount of sessions within a certain period of time. Both will be determined by your health insurance company. Applying a second time for more sessions is possible.

Applying for partial reimbursement of therapy expenses

If you apply for partial reimbursement or full financial coverage of therapy expenses for out-patient psychotherapeutic treatment, your personal data, relevant personal details and diagnoses will be registered at your health insurance company.

The required application form for reimbursement „Antrag auf Kostenzuschuss wegen Inanspruchnahme von psychotherapeutischer Behandlung“ corresponds to a psychotherapeutic expert report.

Preparation of a psychotherapeutic expert report:

  • Professional fee:   90 €
    (which is also partly reimbursed (KFA excepted))
  • Preparation:  at the earliest after the 2nd session
  • You will receive the completed form for submission 1 week after the order

What you need to know and what you have to do:

  • The completed application form, together with the original detailed invoice must arrive at your insurance company  before the 11th session for evaluation.
  • All following (original) detailed invoices have to be submitted to your health insurance company regularly.
  • Basically, the first 10 sessions cannot be refunded,
    i.e. you will receive partial reimbursement (retroactively) starting from the 10th session.
  • Partial reimbursement for the first 10 sessions, is only possible, if a
    • medical examination was made before the 2nd session and a
    • written medical confirmation is submitted with the psychotherapeutic expert report.

For further information please contact your health insurance company.