Dr. Sophie L. Teuschl


First Interview

(Reading time: 1.5 minutes)

This 1st face-to-face conversation takes 90 minutes.

It serves to

  • take your contact details and case history
  • discuss the therapeutic conditions

You can talk about your problems and wishes for change.

Thus, I can get an overview of your current psychological state.

In orientation on your therapy goals,

  • I will form your individual treatment plan
  • you will receive information on the therapy intervention, in particular on the
    • type of the treatment (how we proceed in the sessions)
    • scope of the treatment (how many sessions you likely will need)
    • prospects for therapy success

Please note: Prognoses solely refer to the time when the assessment or evaluation was made.

This means, a treatment plan remains flexible to ensure the best treatment possible. Therefore, the scope of the therapy and the frequency of sessions, for example, stay adaptable.

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