Dr. Sophie L. Teuschl


Immediate help in case of an emergency!

Prompt first interview and follow-up sessions!
10 to 12 sessions in close intervals.

Tel: 0676 950 48 70

In every crisis there are opportunities!

Help in case of a crisis

Cause of a crisis

Life events often happen unexpectedly.

  • leaving the family home
  • birth
  • sudden termination of work
  • retirement
  • diagnosis “Cancer” or “Myocardial infarction”
  • death of someone close

Any kind of life changes can trigger a traumatic crisis.
Especially, if you don’t ask for or get the help you need in time.

No one needs to go through crises alone!

Intervention process

To treat acute cases 10 to 12 sessions are necessary and helpful.

The first 7 sessions take place within 7 to 10 days, on daily basis or every 2nd day.

After that, the time interval between the sessions will be slowly increased.

Take the time you need!


  • Subsequent therapy with weekly sessions
    (at least a couple of months)

A therapy can be considered as finished, as soon as you feel well again.

Further information on the final phase of therapy.

Have you found your way back into daily routine after these sessions?!

  • Book a “Recall”

Recall is a follow-up appointment, that take place in a couple weeks or months after a crisis intervention, to make sure you are well!

Everything at your pace!

Aim of a crisis intervention

The high frequency is intended to give you security.

The sessions offer you

  • a protected environment to deal with your current problems
  • recovery of your stability
  • resolving the crisis