Dr. Sophie L. Teuschl


Habsburgergasse 4

Start your therapy

with your first interview.

“Waiting time” until the first interview: maximum one week

Please bring these documents:

  • your ID
  • pre-existing records

Therapy sessions

  • take place regularly once a week
  • usually date and time stay the same every week
  • following appointments will be confirmed in each session

➤  Evening sessions & Saturday appointments are possible.

Additional information

Schedule planning (on a temporary basis when required)

  • more often than once a week
  • as “double-session” (100 minutes)
  • every two weeks (recommended during the final phase of therapy)

Postponement (in exceptional cases)

  • under consideration of the Cancellation regulations
  • depending on the availability, alternative appointments within the same week

Regular therapy

The regularity of the therapy sessions contributes to your long-term success. The regular, weekly sessions are integrated into your weekly routine. Although this doesn’t mean “52 therapy sessions per year”.

Occasionally it can happen, that sessions will be cancelled or postponed due to

  • scheduling reasons
  • vacation times
  • illness

But also, those “short breaks” contribute to your therapy process. Those “breaks” give you some

  • time to think about what has been discussed
  • “distance” to proceed refreshed in the next session